Live Action Fera Game based in San Francisco.
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 Caps and Fera Types Allowed

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Caps and Fera Types Allowed Empty
PostSubject: Caps and Fera Types Allowed   Caps and Fera Types Allowed I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 6:56 am

Allowed Fera:
Garou: 4/8 at any time
Gurahl: 2/2 at any time
Mokole: 0/2 at any time
Corax: 2/3 at any time
Ratkin: 3/3 ever
Rokea: 1/2 at any time
Nuwisha: 3/3 at any time
Kitsune: 1/1 ever
Ananasi: 0/1 at any time
Bastet: 3/5 at any time
Current active player count: 11

These numbers will go up over all as the number of regular players go up over all.

Also, to leave a higher possibility of openings in the game when a character retires or dies they will be asked to play a different type of Fera. (This however does not apply to Garou.)

Lastly, if a player is not present for three game sessions in a row, without communication to the staff as to why, your slot will be opened to other players, and the character put on hiatus till another slot opens.

We are not allowing Naga, Simba, Ajaba, Celican, Bubasti, and/or Kumo.
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Caps and Fera Types Allowed
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