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 House Rule: Kinfolk

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House Rule: Kinfolk Empty
PostSubject: House Rule: Kinfolk   House Rule: Kinfolk I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 3:56 pm

So, I decided to house rule kinfolk a bit, I find them, in a LARP setting, a bit lacking in their awesome factor. At best they offer some combat support, maybe a get away vehicle, and on the rare side of the more powerful ones, an Umbral Travel Buddy. So I am stealing a bit from new system.

As I stated at last game, Players get 1 down time action between each game. This is to:
1.) Limit the amount of stuff that can get soled before next game, letting some story travel over and other players not present left in the dark.
2.) Let me have a social life, which yes, I am will admit at this time consists of playing WoW, and I am pathetic for it. ; ;

Now on the up side, I am allowing Kinfolk to give you one extra Down time action per a month. (that is from the 1st to the next 1st)

However, given this setting, I am not really allowing people to start with more then 2 points in Kinfolk, some of you are still pretty young and are lacking in a bit of the worldly connection, considering the current situation it will be hard to pick any up in the city...

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House Rule: Kinfolk
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