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 Feats of Strength Chart

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Feats of Strength Chart Empty
PostSubject: Feats of Strength Chart   Feats of Strength Chart I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 11:00 am

1=Lift a chair (40lbs.)
2=Lift a large dog (100lbs.)
3=Lift a public mailbox (250lbs.)
4=Lift a wooden crate (400lbs.)
5=Lift a Coffin (650lbs.)
6=Lift a Refrigerator (800lbs.)
7=Overturn a small car (900lbs.)
8=Lift a motorcycle (1000lbs.)
9=Overturn a mid-sized car (1200lbs.)
10=Lift a large tree trunk (1500lbs.)
11=Overturn a full-sized car (2000lbs.)
12=Lift a wrecking ball (3000lbs.)
13=Overturn a station wagon (4000lbs.)
14=Overturn a van (5000lbs.)
15=Overturn a truck (6000lbs.)

The cap traits for any given type is of course 5 (i.e. you can not have more then 5 strength traits) and this chart is an example of what your actually capable to do. Now some of these things may be no test required, others might, and yes loosing traits to tests earlier will bring this chart down. Exhausting yourself physically effects you appropriately.

1.) Tom has Wiry, Stalwart, and Tough as physical traits. This puts him at a 3 on the chart, meaning he is able to lift 250lbs. easily to his waist level on shoulder, and carry it around. Now when Tom shifts to Crinos he gets an extra Brawny, Ferocious, and Tough. This brings him to a total of 6 Strength related traits on the Feat of Strength chart.

2.) Earlier in the night Tom lost a physical trait in a fight with the sept alpha. The trait he lost was his Stalwart trait, bringing him down to Wiry and Tough. This means for the rest of the night, or until he some how refreshes that trait back, he is a base of 2 on the Feat of Strength chart.

Miscellaneous traits do not count for this chart. I suggest looking at what you have and gain, and writing it down on your character sheet for ease. The staff will be referencing this chart for a more believable environment and combat.
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Feats of Strength Chart
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