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 Gift Changes

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PostSubject: Gift Changes   Gift Changes I_icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 7:27 pm

Shagrin Shield: The damage it ignores is now equal to the user of the gifts rank, all damage after that is cut in half (round up). This can be circumvented by some powers, these powers however are not available to players, this is just a warning.

Luna's Armor: Ignore the old limitations of Rank, you can now add a number of health levels equal to YOUR permanent health levels. This can only be done once in a scene. All other effects of Luna's Armor still remain the same. As a note, this armor is a sort of invisible barrier around you, meaning that if this effective you are also immune to the bonus damage of called shots to try and circumvent the armor. Other effects may still apply, ask a staff member for final decisions on the effects of a called shot.

Mothers Touch: This gift has been edited to heal up to two times the users rank per a point of Gnosis spent. Because of this change Grandmother's Touch is no longer available or exists. Also, If mothers touch is used in the same scene, or following scene of when a battle scar is gained, it will heal the scar as well, unless the player wishes to keep the scar, then it stays.

NOTE: If any gifts that are edited, are used as a reference by another gift (I.E. Armor of Kings says see Luna's Armor) then it to has it's effects edited to match the new gift.
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Gift Changes
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