Live Action Fera Game based in San Francisco.
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 What the players Know

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PostSubject: What the players Know   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:59 am

This all in character knowledge as of the first game weekend:

It's nice to return home after the tasks you all had been given. Some of you were only gone for a day, the longest a week, but it is always nice to get home, clean up after some of the long bus rides. Even just kick your feet up and kicking off your shoes feels great when you have been walking on a moon bridge for well over an hour.

The welcoming sounds of family and friends as you approach the Caern. Seeing them smile and wave to you always makes your body get that last burst of strength it needs to push on. You typically respond with a wave and a hello of your own. This time though, you will be making it back just in time for this months Moot. Being a bearer of good news makes it feel that much more special, and some of you knowing you just passed your Right-of-Passage means lots of stories and showering of affection and praise for becoming a full member of the Sept now.

As you approach some of you feel it, at first a decent sized earthquake, being from the area it is nothing new, but for those who are just arriving it is a little unnerving. Soon it passes, but then comes a response, not just from the ground, but from the spirit world too. This is one sets your hackles on end, many small to medium quakes that all come from different directions. These however are felt to originate from the umbra, and moments after they fade comes one in the Umbra that shakes and ripples the very fabric of the realm, sending the moon bridges wobbling and thrashing around. Only thirty seconds of time passes but it feels like forever, and in the human world the quake hits a little over the seven marker.

Suddenly you get the urge something is not right, and you find the strength and urgency to move even faster then before, running, pumping your legs till they break, yelling at the driver to make the mobile trash heap your on move faster.

Those of you entering San Francisco in the physical world see broken windows, some trees and light posts fell over, but for the most part nothing major. San Francisco was ready for this sort of thing years ago with superior building designs and generations of adapting to the quakes, but those of you in the Umbra see spirits dazed, confused and fluttering about in the chaos of an epic Umbral Quake the likes of which you have only heard tales about.

Now is not the time to worry, now is the time to rush home little Fera, home to friends and Family, because it is about to get worse...
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Posts : 92
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PostSubject: Re: What the players Know   Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:36 am

A quake is a normal theme for one who lives not only in California, but also in San Francisco. The Earth rumbles and roils regularly, with waves and tremors that threaten as little as broken memories from above a mantle, to devouring one and their neighbor’s whole, leaving nothing to mark the passing of man. This time however, the memories have roiled up and out of the soil of lost times, and with it they have brought reason to fear, reasons to question, and reasons to fight…

Many lost family members and friends in the quakes. As the hearts of many spirit nodes, and the Sept’s Caern of Unity, exploded, consuming the lives of all that were present. For many weeks the home the youngest knew was being trounced and exposed to human agencies that collected the bodies of friends, family, and mentors. With them they also took many artifacts that through the youths efforts where reclaimed quickly in an effort to protect the veil. Yet these agencies took time and great efforts to figure out what had caused an explosion so large it claimed many lives of the animals and people present, as well as attempt to figure out what they were all doing in this part of the forest to begin with. Even with all the exposure and identification of bodies, the youth of the Caern only met with one of these agents, in fact he was all the interaction they had when many where registered next of kin, let us hope the indirect actions of Agent Smith are not hiding greater orders from whatever agency he works for…

As this personal horror fell upon some of the members of the remaining Sept, even new horrors reared their ugly and twisted heads. Some, like Sydney Lastrot, who have had a personal goal to breed fear and pain amongst the populous of San Francisco looking for the heart of a young girl known as Asura. For what reasons no one is yet sure, but his masters are a force that take on the dimensions and power of dragons and the demeanor of the elements each. One such entity has been slain, and with it a reward of the reawakening of the Caern, giving life to what was once thought lost. Yet he also gave a warning of what is to come:

…for I am one of five, and my brothers will not be pleased by these events…

Two more of these “brothers” have been seen or mentioned of by others, what their goals are, are hidden at this time, but it is known that they sought the manipulation of Elodia, and with it her puppet of Pain and Suffering…

At this time many forget the fears of what lay within themselves, and never question what ills come from allowing one to do “what needs to be done” in the name of Gaia, how it taints, pollutes, and alters ones being internally. But no worries, it moved into the area with a friendly smile and a deal to make. His name Roman Nevikov, and with him he has brought the entire strength of the American branch of the Russian Mafia. Oddly enough this Athro of the Silver Fang Tribe has brought clout, strength, Kinfolk in numbers, and yet for some reason has stayed away from Garou politics and any attempt to lay any claim to the defenseless Sept, for what reasons though…

As of more recent events a good friend to some of the Fera, and a Kinfolk who has brought many home by aiding lost cubs to their right place, was attacked. Barely surviving the assault of two robotic enemies, has heralded an enemy from the weaver south in Silicon Valley. One from the weaver its self, who seeks to create warriors of its own, for what purpose no one knows yet, but the anthem of war has been sounded, and the Fera are gearing to meet it head on. It still remains to be seen if they are prepared for what lays in the bowls of the Gen n’ Tech building, but they are still willing to try. This enemy has proven it is aware of their efforts already, by slaughtering an entire brood of vampires who attempted to help them, with the use of a Sept mate’s old friend…
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What the players Know
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